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We offer you a professional start-up service for a smooth transition into Germany …

… whether you plan to build your own corporate function or outsource the service to a local partner.


We have dedicated, experienced and bilingual staff and maintain a network of first class, highly reputable partners with expertise in key areas, such as legal, accounting, taxation, real estate …

… for dealing with them we can provide a native speaker as a Single-Point-of-Contact (SPOC).


We will navigate you through the German bureaucracy jungle …

… and ensure your compliance with German law and Rules & Regulations.


All our packages can be tailored to your individual needs …

… and you receive near-time status updates on all topics we cover for you.


We have a fair, simple and transparent pricing model.

You will be amazed at what we can offer as a one-stop shop to help you to build a successful business presence in Germany.


We'll simplify your venture.

Herzlich willkommen !

Dependent on your company’s origin we can provide you a tailored service catalogue.


Start-up Service

  • Landing service - your first steps in Germany

  • Assistant - Virtual P/A Service (up to 24/7), Translation

  • Incorporation Service to found your company

  • Mandatory Registrations



Our support for you starts even before you arrive in Germany for the first time. We can help you to pick the most convenient accommodation and even pick you up from the airport. You won't get lost and don’t need to worry about traffic rules and signs in the German language.


Someone to support you in organising your daily business life is especially important during the initial “settling in” period in Germany. You need someone familiar with German conventions and habits, experienced in all aspects of the PA role and who can provide immediate help as and when you need it.

We can provide this service on a full-time basis with stand-by option or on a part time basis, which could of course be a cost efficient option for you.

Once your company is fully operative, you may choose to continue this service or you may wish to hire a permanent member of staff. We can also support with the selection and hiring process.

We provide a translation service from German to English and/or your mother tongue via one of our selected partners. The organisation and administration is a part of our one-stop shop concept.


Our Law Firm partners will help you find the most appropriate legal form for your company in Germany. Taking your current legal status into account they will explain the many options for incorporation including the differences and potential impacts of each alternative. Finally they will guide you through the official foundation and registration process until your company is successfully registered in Germany.


Once a company has been founded there are a number of mandatory registrations required. You will need a business registration with the local authorities (Gewerbeanmeldung), as well as an entry in the public register (Handelsregister). Usually this is carried out during the formal set up process with our legal partner and a notary public.

You will also be required to register with the tax authorities and to have a tax number for turnover/sales tax. Here we recommend our Financial Services package in cooperation with our tax advisor.

Dependent on your new company’s legal form you may also need to be a mandatory member of the Chamber of Commerce.

The same applies to membership of the statutory accident insurance  association. (Berufsgenossenschaft).


We help you with that too..



Infrastructure Service

  • Location & Real-Estate  - Co-Work, Offices, Shop, Show room, Production site, warehouse

  • IT & Communication - IT infrastructure, Cloud, Phone, Internet & Hosting, email



Your company needs a home. Depending on your business mix you may only require a small office or co work spaces at the beginning. Whilst we can provide you with co work space immediately, we can also scout for adequate office space in a location that is ideal for your individual business.

Whether you need a show room, plan to open a shop, require a warehouse or a large production site, we will help you to get the best deal.

We know the locations, the peculiarities of the German Real Estate Business and work with established, reliable Real Estate Partners.

IT and Communication are of the highest importance for a fast set up, a quick start and the subsequent growth of your business. IT consulting is one of our core services and expertise. Whether you require Hardware, Data center space, a cloud solution, internet & hosting facilities, email, phone (landline and mobile phones) you are in good hands with us.


Operations Service

  • Financial Services  - Accounting/Annual statements/Taxation

  • Banking & Insurance - Account/Credit cards/Loans/Insurance

  • HR Services - Contracts/Salary management/Social Insurance/Recruitment of local staff

  • Digital Services - Digital Marketing (e.g. websites) / Digitalisation of Processes

  • Mobility – Travel, Company Cars

  • Events Service - Fairs & Exhibitions, Meetings, own events

  • Project Services  - Management & Support




From day one of your operation in Germany you are liable for your financials. Depending on your legal form you may be required to keep books and records and to publish annual statements in accordance with German law and legal requirements.

You also need to ensure that your monthly tax reports and tax payments are made in time. Failure to do so can have both legal and financial consequences.

We recommend to outsource this, especially during the starting period in Germany. We work with a highly reputable partner and can also provide services to support this outsourcing.

To protect your new firm you require various types of company insurance. What type of cover and how much you need depends upon the size and type of your business operation. Again - we help to organise this.



Human resources in Germany is a particularly complex field for foreign companies. Dealing with employees requires expertise and an especially good knowledge of all legal and cultural aspects of the German employment landscape.

We are familiar with all types of employment models and can provide tailored employment contracts. We know how to source staff and are familiar with the individual financial packages for specific roles.

Not only can we source candidates, we can also pre-select and interview them. We can cover the whole process from A-Z.

HR also comes with a large number of administrative processes including the correct calculation and payment of salaries, carrying out the necessary registrations and reports as well as the interaction with the social insurance agencies. For an initial period we recommend to also outsource this service to a tax advisor. We help to ensure this outsourcing agreement will work smoothly and can act as a single-point-of-contact at the beginning.

HR has a broad range of topics that need to be covered, even as a small company you must comply with German law. Whether it is the administration of your staff’s holiday and sick leave requests, the need to write references or in the unfortunate event to terminate an employment contract, we can deliver support.

We also run a Digital Marketing Agency that can help you establish your German website and online presence, including the build of an inbound marketing strategy. One of our products covers the digitalisation of processes for SMEs.

Should you decide to introduce a company car policy we can advise you in picking the best package for your needs. We also help you apply for a valid driving license once you have moved to Germany.

If you have a need for this …

Events can be a very important success factor for your new business. Whether you plan to visit fairs and exhibitions or even exhibit with your company, we can help with the organisation.

We are also experts in organising company events for customers. If needed we can cover everything from the invitation, catering, event location, speakers or experts etc.

In our co-work location we also provide attractive meeting rooms for client meetings or workshops. We offer different sized rooms for up to 18 people, including beamers, flipcharts and catering if needed.


Should your new company require support for your German or International projects we can provide you with qualified Project Managers and/or PMO staff – another of our core businesses.




Service for Staff & Individuals

  • Registration & permits - work permission/VISA, driving license local administration, power supply, TV services (GEZ)

  • Private taxation

  • Insurances - e.g. health, liability

  • Bank account

  • Accommodation - search, contract, registration etc.

  • Interior

  • Cultural training

  • Language courses

  • Kids - Kindergarten, International School

  • Shopping Service


Your staff seconded to Germany will require help in the many and varied aspects of their everyday life. They need adequate accommodation where they feel comfortable. There is a bureaucratic jungle to go through just to get things started in Germany and an administration that is sometimes not easy to deal with.

In order to avoid a culture shock we can provide cultural training, help to select language courses, provide translation services or help in conversations with German counterparts.

If your staff feels comfortable and enjoys their new life in Germany it will positively reflect on the business performance of your newly established company.

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